Sunday, June 17, 2012

family photos

Since we were all dressed for church, we decided to try to take some family pictures.  By "we", I mean "I".  We had bought a remote control a little while back and learned how to use it really quick It's so hard.  You put your camera in "remote" mode.  Then you push the button on the remote, and it takes the picture.

The kids weren't very interested. So, we bribed them with two tic tacs each. (Yes, I'm being serious.) And, they did pretty good. Clearly I should have bribed Tyler with a couple tic tacs because he was almost worse than them.  As you'll see, they get their posing skills from Tyler.

The remote became quite the prized possession.  Each one of them wanted a turn, so we passed it down.  Here are just a few of the photos we took.  If I have time, I might post more in another post.

PHOTO ONE:  Tyler set the mood.  (They were unaware...)


PHOTO THREE:  Oh, TS got his hairs cut.

PHOTO FOUR:  This one we were all fake laughing, which turned into real laughing.  Except Tyler, who understood that to mean that Rhys was supposed to be picking his nose.

PHOTO FIVE:  We had several photos where someone was blinking.  So, we decided to purposefully blink.  Except Tyler...yet again.  Not sure what he's doing.

PHOTO SIX:  This is probably the best photo of the five kidlets that we have.  No weird faces.  Oh, well, except Tyler.  He is his father's son.  I think Rhys and Violet really look a lot alike, keep looking more alike as they age.

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  1. great photos! looks like you all had fun!! =)