Monday, September 10, 2012

iphone treasures, part 1

I'm sure I can't be the only mom who looks through her iphone pictures and is surprised at the treasures she finds.  I thought I'd share some of them with you today (some are from me too).

You win if you can guess which child this is!

Um...someone's leg?  I don't recognize the pants or shirt or whatever this article of clothing is.  I am pretty sure it's a leg.  Or an arm.  Maybe it's a sweater?  Why do I not recognize this.

I forgot about this (below)!  We were getting ready for church and had some major shoe issues with TS (as in, I think we couldn't find his socks or one of his shoes or something.  Whatever it was, we could not get his shoes on his feet).  So, he wore these shoes:


Here, you can see it a little better here:

I don't recommend wearing those types of shoes with dressy clothes...and, if you do, maybe just stay in the van.  We didn't actually go inside church that day.  (we were so late that we didn't actually go in!  we can't really go to all of church due to Emma's immune system issues, so we missed the part we could go to).

Rhys really wanted to put Ella's diaper on her:

As though she didn't look bald enough...thank you, sun. (from cutting just the top of her hair off, of course)

Is that me or Tyler or what?  I'm so confused.  It was with the swimming photos, so I know it's from our way out to the van.  I was wearing a blue swim top.  It kind of looks like a boob there.  Tyler doesn't have one, so I'm guessing it's mine.  But that doesn't look like my arm to me because my arm is more slender (or so I thought).  It looks like Ty's arm to me.  I bet it's my boob and Tyler's arm.  Maybe it's not even my boob!  I don't know.  I'm pretty sure it's my van.  What are we seeing in the reflection?  It looks kind of like llama...

Okay, seriously!  This is bothering me.  WHOSE ARM IS THAT?!!

Here's my arm.  I just took it just now:
I don't know about you, but it's pretty clearly not the same arm as in the photo above this one.  Look at the wrist size.  That has to be Tyler's arm.  But why is there a boob in that picture if that is Tyler's arm.  Are we really positioned so perfectly that we look like one person, but it's really two?  Is that even a boob?  It seems a Barbie shaped to be mine!  IS THAT THE FLOATIE?!!  Is it?  I've been calling it a boob, but it's the floatie?  Oh, i don't know.  I'm going to have to go look tomorrow and see if Ella's floaty is blue on the bottom.  That would make more if it's not the floaty, then I'm more than confused.  Have you noticed how I spelled floatie two different ways.  Floaty.  It's because I don't know how to spell it and am too lazy to look it up.  I'll be sure to update you on my findings.

Awww...doesn't that look cute?  Well, maybe at first.  You figure out what her arms are doing and then let me know.

This is a very creative one.  I wonder what it is.

I upped the exposure, and this is what you can see now.  What do you think?

This would rate as one of my favorite Rhys pictures ever.  As well as the other ten photos that look almost exactly like this.  The hair...the position of the fan and her face...everything.

I don't recommend keeping your drivers license in the water proof phone case.  It can get in the way.

Yay.  I'm so glad I have this photo to remember this swimming adventure by.

I'm pretty sure she looked cute here.

Here's a better one.  At least you can see her eyes..well, at least her eye...and her nose....and her arm.

She was too cute here.  It's like she's looking at her foot suspiciously, wondering what it's doing there...looking at her.  Perhaps she's having a stare down.


It's like 1/3 of her is her body/head.  The other 2/3 is her legs.  She's actually very proportional with edible chubby legs.  Oh, and she's being a cat.

I wonder whose legs these might be.

Okay, well, I should go to bed.  I have a ton more photos to post.  Sorry if these are boring.  I found them amusing and thought that I should do something with them instead of just keep them hidden in my photos!

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