Monday, September 10, 2012

mold, Texas, and sleep

Emma had another audiologist appointment.  We have two behind-the-ear hearing aids, and while she needs it for both ears, she can only wear one of them because she doesn't have an ear canal in her right ear.  She still hears better with it only on one, though, than with the headband.

A couple weeks ago, she was having problems with the tubing staying in her ear mold.  It kept sliding out.  We tried cleaning it and tried a million times to get it to stay in, but it wouldn't.  It's equivalent to her hearing aid unplugging every minute (literally, it got that bad).  So, I took it in for a quick fix.  Luckily it only took ten minutes to fix.  They had to glue the tubing into the mold.

But, in the meantime, Emma had to wear her old BAHA hearing aids.  They come on a head band.  She was not happy and started crying.  She hates having to wear the headband, and she can't hear as good with it.  So, we decided we would get her second hearing aid, the one she can't wear, and get a mold made for it too.  That way she can have a back up hearing aid, should a similar thing ever happen.  Hopefully we'll be able to avoid her ever having to wear the headband one again.

Plus, with the new hearing aid, she can get a new mold.  Her current mold was supposed to be rainbow colored with glitter, but it ended up being yellow with some pink.  Definitely not what either of us were expecting.  She likes it, but it was definitely not what she was expecting.  It hardly had any glitter and the colors were way different.  (It costs over $80 for these molds, so it was a bit disappointing it didn't come as ordered.)  We decided to go with pink and purple this time.  I'm hoping the company that makes them (our audiologist ships it off somewhere) will make it pink and purple.  If not, we'll probably have it remade instead of just taking it.

There might be some repairs needed on the second hearing aid, but that's okay!  We got them for free due some some awesome friends, so I can't complain about any repair costs.

Here is Emma getting her new mold made.  This is right after she filled her ear up with pink slime.  To do it, the dr puts the pink stuff in a big syringe (no needle, of course!), and then puts a cork thing with a string in Emma's ear canal.  Then she fills the ear canal and outside ear up with the pink slime.  It takes a few minutes, but it hardens, and she can remove it.

Here is Emma looking at the brochures they have in the office:

See the state of Texas on the green pamphlet?  Emma looked at it and said, "I know what that is!  That's America!"   I replied, "Yes, yes it is..."  (Won't it be neat the things she believes since I get to homeschool her.)

If you don't get the joke, maybe this'll help.  I'm not sure how visible it is (this is a bad copy), but the red state is OBVIOUSLY Texas (don't tell me you don't recognize it's shape!).  When I posted this on FB, most Texans couldn't see anything wrong with this picture.  Whereas, there was one who felt like Texas was a little too small in comparison to "Canada".

So, it gave me a good laugh when Emma accidentally referred to Texas as America.  hehe.  haha.  Texas might not be the biggest state (though, even looking at Alaska there, Texas is still bigger), it does have the most pride.  And not vain pride.  It simply knows that it's awesome.  Plus, we used to be our own country.

Anyway, back to Emma...

Or not.  With Rhys' new found super power, you know, the one where she climbs out of her crib, she is very difficult to keep in her crib for her naps.  If I wasn't busy needing to do schooling with the other kids and taking care of the baby, I would always sit in there to make sure she can't get out, but, alas, I cannot all the time (I can some of the time, if she goes to sleep when Ella naps).  So, here's some of what has happened when Rhys refuses her naps:

BELOW:  I started doing quiet time with her where I make her a special little spot to lay on when she watches a movie. She'll fall asleep half the time doing this.  This time she fell asleep before I even got the movie started.

BELOW:  This was about 30-60 minutes before bedtime when she decided to go to sleep during dinner.

BELOW:  The kids were playing and dancing in the living room when they came over to tell me that Rhys laid down and went to sleep.  haha.  

BELOW:  And, most recently, Rhys was in the school room (on the other side of the baby gate there), and we were cutting and gluing.  Rhys had a blast.  I had tried for an hour to get her to go to sleep earlier, but she was not tired at the time, I guess (half the time she is, so who knows!).  She didn't give any signs that she was even tired.  Everyone finished up and she went out.  I was in the school room cleaning up when I heard her fussing for about 10 seconds.  This was the end result:

She is a very amusing little pickle.  She oozes sweetness and is such a gentle little girl.  She actually is naturally very obedient and loves to be silly and make people smile.  She is just too big for naps, apparently.  So, randomly falling asleep places is more her thing. It's funny the little quirks she has.  It's like we either find her planking somewhere or else she's cutting her hair off or she's fallen asleep somewhere...

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