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I had this blog entry almost completely written last night and then fell asleep at the computer and thought I should go to bed.  Now I come back and it's all gone!  So, I'll write it faster this time in case I fall asleep again. (another day has passed, and I fell asleep again!)

Since it's nearing the end of summer, I figured I should include at least one post about a trip to the pool!  In our new neighborhood, we have a neighborhood pool.  This is what it looks like.  The child walking out of the pool like an old man (no offense, old people) is Emma.  I don't know the other kids.

And, this is the kid pool:

We've gone swimming maybe 6-8 times this summer.  It's not as much as I thought we'd go, but we had a little stomach virus for like THREE FREAKIN' WEEKS!  It sooooo slowly passed through the family.  Finally we were all better, but that was almost a whole month gone.  Then nap times with two kids that don't nap at the same time really threw us off for a while.  Anyway...

So, we went to the pool a couple days ago.  The kids were playing at their friends' house when it occurred to me that maybe we could go swimming!  They all liked the idea, so after naps, I grabbed the kids & our friends came over, and we swam.

It was a little bit amusing because I had to bring the kids swimsuits and have them change at the pool in the restroom.  I forgot to check to make sure Emma had taken off her hearing aid before she got in the water.  I was close to having a panic attack when I saw her in the water.  She assured me that she had indeed taken them off.  When I asked her where they were, she told me she left them with her clothes.  When I asked her where her clothes were (it was beginning to dawn on me that I hadn't seen any of their clothes), she told me they had left them in the restroom, and she had carefully placed her hearing aids on her shoes.  Oh good, whew.  No worries.  She was being responsible, and I should have known she would have it taken care of.  I imagined she must have tucked it up right next to her neat little pile of folded clothes.

Just kidding.

Why should I think that?

I went into the bathroom to get her hearing aids.

Umm...okay.  So, clearly my children were raised in a zoo.  When changing, they were obviously all standing in the nude, in plain view, instead of using the stalls.  I thought it was "creative" of them to spread their clothes across the floor. You wouldn't want to make it too easy for someone to get to one of the stalls without stepping on someone's underwear.  Notice where her hearing aids are?

Here's a close up.

They cracked me up.  And this is why children have parents.  Some times their logical brains aren't all that logical.

Katie, my friend (the momma to our kids' friends) let us use her sunscreen because our seems to have stopped working!  As I'm spraying it on the kids, she's all like, "Oh, I guess I should tell you where I got that."  And then she proceeds to tell me that she was at the park and found it in the garbage.  haha!  (You're all beginning to understand why she's my friend, right?)   It sounds worse than it is.  They weren't opened and there was a ton of stuff that had been thrown away that was brand new. I think she said some sport's team tossed it.  She also claims that she doesn't usually dumpster dive...

Here are some pics from swimming:

Do you like how I'm utilizing the shade thing?  I also couldn't find Ella's swimsuit, so she's just wearing a shirt, plus some sunscreen from the garbage.

PHOTOS BELOW:  I thought this was kind of neat for a few different reasons, which I'll explain as we go on.

First, I think it's kind of funny the difference in attire.  Violet is covered neck to ankle in a swimsuit (it was Emma's old suit, and those things cost like $70!  So, yes, we're going to use it on all our kids.  Emma needs it for the sun protection due to her cancer risk).  Then Emma, the oldest of the three, is wearing a floatie.  In the baby pool.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the stream of water.

Notice how it is falling.

It looks like it's heading straight for Violet.

Oop, no, got McKenna.

And, then somehow magically the huge dump of water landed way to the side.  Does this make sense?  And for some reason, Violet still ended up in the water.  haha.  Good thing Emma has her floatie on to keep Violet safe from the water that didn't actually knock her over.

Let's try it again.

We've switched Emma over to the other side.

The water is starting to drop onto McKenna and Violet.

Then, BAM.  Emma's gone.

No wonder she has on her floatie.

Should I explain the floatie thing?  This is the first year the kids have really swam much.  Emma and TS can swim, but with having 4-5 kids that I'm watching when we go swimming, I'm not comfortable with any of them not wearing their floaties (except in the baby pool, they can take them off).  If Tyler is with me, then we let them practice swimming without their floaties.  I just don't feel like it's safe yet with just me alone!

A few more photos with my fake narration:

"Hey, Emma, why don't you come stand under here with us?  There's no reason to be afraid of a huge thing of water dumping on your head."


Some more photos...

Rhys being a mermaid.  She LOVES the water.  She's not at all afraid of it.

Then it was time to go.  That is code for, "Say goodbye to the deer, honey."

I may or may not have more swimming pictures to come.  But right now my sister has arrived for a visit!

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