Saturday, September 29, 2012

the CAKE


We had planned to do Ella's birthday today (the day after), and by "we", I mean me. Tyler didn't know of this.  On her birthday, it got late at night, and we were both getting a sweet tooth, and we were like "Hey, why don't you go to the store and get cake and ice cream and we can have part of her birthday tonight.  At least the cake part."

So, that's what we did.  Tyler went to the store and picked out this awesome cake with sprinkles.  I'm guessing it was about $8.

Yes, Ella, we love you.  Despite whatever conclusion you may come to from the looks of your cake.  And the garbage in the background.

When we were getting ready to sing the birthday song, we realized he had no freakin' candles!  Where they went, we may never know.  But, luckily Tyler is a resourceful fellow, and he found a new candle somewhere else.

With great strength, he was able to jab it into the center of her cake.  There's a reason men have strong muscles.  Ella looking on.  Clearly she's excited.  (What do you mean she doesn't look excited?)

The candle actually even started when we lit it.

Ella looking on in anticipation as we sang her the birthday song. (Not like she has a clue what is going on).

Her famous "reach", which she does to things and people to bend them to her will - it's her own personal super power.

She really wanted that candle.

The crater left by the candle:

Ella enjoying her cake and ice cream:

TS trying to stop the paparazzi from taking his photo:

Rhys too busy enjoying her cake & ice cream to look at me.

Violet & Ella eating theirs.  I never did get a better photo of Emma (her "official" personal photo was kind of scary because she looked like an alien).

Back to Ella, who is very eagerly eating everything that she can:

(the lighting is very annoying.  it's so dark on her eyes!)

Then I handed the camera to Emma.  She's the only one of the kids that I trust with the camera (when being watched carefully).  And she enjoys taking pictures.  So, these are a few from that:

Here's proof that Tyler and I actually do sit by each other some of the time.  (I was dressed kind of like a least it's an improvement from my pajamas.)  TS & Ella look so cute!   I guess Tyler is being the creepy man who is coming to sit down by the girl.  I'm not sure, though, because clearly my eyes were closed & I didn't see him make this face until I was looking at these photos.  haha.

Love Violet's expression.  Not sure what we were doing.  

Happy Birthday to the beautiful birthday girl!  We love you, Ella.  Even though we didn't make the cute little cupcakes we had planned on, it was just as fun.  We had a ton of fun being goofy, spending time together, and being spontaneous.  We love you so very, very much and are so happy you're in our family.

I'll be writing more later.  We'll be doing her presents today and will include that too.  Hopefully.  I still need to do Violet's, and her birthday was in July!!  (I'll also be posting her birth story finally for those who wanted to read it.)

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