Friday, December 28, 2012

bone marrow biopsy

Emma had her bone marrow biopsy/aspiration today.  They test to see if it looks like leukemia is upcoming, as well as to see what her cellularity is.

Here are her blood counts from today.  It cut off the normal ranges on the side, but if you look over on the right, under "flag", you'll get an idea of what is normal and what isn't.  The "high" numbers are associated with low blood counts.  Like her MCV kind of tells us how stressed her bone marrow is.  The higher the number, the more stressed.  It should be under 90.  Her platelets are critically low.  boooo.  Usually they are in the 30's.  I'm hoping they're really a lot higher than this.  When they count them manually with their eyeballs, instead of with the machines, her platelets are often higher.  But they didn't do that this time.  Under 20 is when she might start needing transfusions for simple bleeds.

Tyler was off today for Christmas vacation.  Since he rarely gets to go to her medical appointments, and since she loves it when he can be there, he took her to her biopsy today.  I stayed home with the kids instead (hard to get a babysitter during flu season that we'll trust isn't sick).  Emma did great.  She has matured a lot more with her anxiety and was only a little bit scared, which is SUPER AWESOME.  I think it helped that they got her in one poke.  It sounds like she did really good overall.  Tyler did too.  :)

This is the first biopsy I've ever not been there for in the last ten years.  It was really weird.  I didn't know I was going to feel so emotional about it all.  It was harder not being with her than being with her.  But I'm glad she was able to go with Tyler and spend that time with him.

Even if I did almost die from anxiety - haha.

Those mother feelings can be so intense!  Why did no one warn me of this before having children?  If you have no children, I'm warning you now.  The emotions you feel towards your children are so strong and deep and unlike anything you've ever felt before.  When you feel like they're in danger or scared, it's so hard to not be there to keep them safe.

So, instead, I folded a lot of laundry.

It'll be a few days before we get more results & I'll post those as we get them.

In case you are unaware of her medical issues, I made this video that explains it:

Now on to some pictures.  There are LOTS of pictures I need to catch up on.  I'll try to split it up between different blog entries.

She was walking around and fell over on the slippery floor (only slippery since she had on her pjs).  She couldn't stand back up, so she stood like this for a while:

Clearly she fits into her pjs really well:

The next morning, she was walking around carrying this little stuff animal.  She looked so cute.

Hanging out in Rhys' room:

We went outside to play for a little while.  Violet had drawn on her face...or someone had.  TS had a mustache.  Not sure who did it.

I love how she poses with her hand on her hip when she sees me taking her pic.  hehe...

Violet has let me know how badly she wants to be a mom when she grows up.  She loves to mother Ella.  Instead of playing, she followed Ella around the whole time.

This is Rhys trying to escape getting her picture taken:

Here she is suddenly posing for it.  I don't know about you, but that's how I pose for pictures too.

the boy:

the Emma:

It almost looks like a random leg...

Miss Rhys snoozing

I'll write more later!  Hope you're all doing well.


  1. Hi Teresa! OMWord! Your little ones have all grown so much! Even Emma looks like she's growing good. Although, from her test results it looks like she could use some prayer. She is in mine!
    I hope you have been well! How was your Christmas?
    ~Krista J.

    1. Hi Krista!

      Yes, they are growing! WAY too fast! It almost seems like Emma has grown the most. I'm not sure how I feel about this. haha. It's fun, but it's also scary how fast it goes by. Thank you for praying for her. I've missed you! How are things going for you? Our Christmas was good. How about yours?