Wednesday, December 5, 2012

more sickos

A couple things to keep in mind as you look through this:
(1)  Their clothes.
(2)  Shoes.
(3)  Facial expressions.

Here's Rhys ready to take a ride in the little kid jeep:

Violet being the great driver that she is, ran out of room.  She also crashed into the fence a couple times, almost into the tree, and maybe into a couple other things while I wasn't looking.  Luckily the car is wimpy enough that it can't break anything (so, when I post a photo of something she broke with it, tomorrow, we'll know that I was wrong).

I have several pics that look a lot like these two, but I'll just post a couple.  They kept changing their expressions to really weird ones when I'd say "smile".  It started out fairly normal looking...

And ended up like this:
(Yes, Violet is wearing lipstick and mascara.  She LOVES to wear makeup, and if we aren't going anywhere, I usually don't care.  She's going to be a little makeup artist one day...or not.)

Rhys hanging out with her bro.  Check out his shoes.

Rhys is pouting.

Um...Violet is posing.  Sometimes she poses great, and then other times she poses not so great.  :)  hehe.  I really like the sweatpants with the socks with the little church shoes.

 Tyler was chasing them.

About an hour later, Violet had a fever and was feeling pretty icky.  So I snuggled her up on the couch.

 Rhys wanted a blanket too, and she fell asleep.

(I didn't edit these photos other than warming them up a touch & sharpening them which I'll explain below):

I should have fixed the curtains so that they look nice (I had quickly moved them to provide quick light into the room for pics).  But I still liked this of Emma and TS playing while the girls rested.

Later on, Violet ended up throwing up and she's not eating a lot.  We bought her some juice in hopes of getting her to drink a lot since little kids can get dehydrated so easily.  Hopefully she'll be feeling okay tomorrow.  I think Rhys might be getting sick too, but she wasn't running a fever.

Now to the sharpening...

If you have Lightroom or PS, you can sharpen your images.  I'll show you a before and after, just to show you the difference.  You'll probably need to click on it to see it full size to see the difference:

If you're not sure what you're looking for, the sharpened image is crisper looking.  The not sharpened image is slightly blurry on the edges.  If you do a quick search online for "sharpening images in Lightroom 3" or whatever program, you'll easily find info.  Just thought I'd mention this so that if you weren't aware, now you are.

I have another topic I wanted to post about, but I'll do that tomorrow...

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