Saturday, December 8, 2012


Within 36 hours of each other, three very special people with FA have died (two children, one adult).  I don't really understand why, but when one passes away, almost always another one or two follow very soon after.  It's been a sad day for the FAmily - always makes the reality too real.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the family and friends left behind.

I had been planning a different blog entry today.  I was going to share how racists and sexists my children are (hehe), but I need to be in a different frame of mind for that.  So, instead, here are some photos...

Emma is still sick with a runny nose and slight cough.  She is more tired than usual.  She is bleeding easier than usual as well.  I'm really hoping that the illness hasn't knocked down her platelets like it has in the past.  She'll be going in at the end of the month for blood work/biopsy.  We'll take her in sooner if there's anything that happens that gives us big cause for concern.

Yesterday I was in the office trying to figure out how to get the white balance super correct in the camera.  Emma walked in and sat down in the chair.  The light fell across her in a somewhat mesmerizing way to me.  It just felt like a really "real" moment with her.  She wasn't feeling well, was rather tired...anyway, here she is.  Usually she's not acting like this - usually she looks plenty awake and active, but here she was a lot more tired.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I cried.

  2. My heart goes out to you and your family. Emma is looking so grown up. What a cutie. I sure hope she feels better really soon.