Thursday, October 25, 2012


Besides doing school work, do you ever wonder what we do all day since we homeschool?

Meet my nail stylist, Violet:

BIO:  As you can see from her expression, she's been doing this for years.  Okay, maybe not years, but she likes to trick me into thinking she has that type of experience.  She was trained in the backyard a couple weeks ago.  She can sometimes stay on my nail, sometimes not.  She has this down.  She know wut she doin'.

Here she is painting my nails:

 She looks cute, and I'm scratching my eyebrow:

She still looks cute, and here I am not scratching my eyebrow:

She's very professional:

We had been doing the expression at the same time, but the photographer was a little too slow.  So now I just look like a weirdo:

Speaking of the photographer, here she is (for most of the time):
You can see her creative use of her makeup on her face with her blush and purple eye shadow.

After Violet painted my nails, it was time for some flower nail stickers.  Violet added some, and so did Rhys:

This was right before she slammed her hand against my nail really hard to make the sticker stay.  I think it's a nail stylist trick:

Finished product.  This is about what both hands looked like.  Not to shabby for a four year old!

Prior to my nails getting done, I did Violet's and Rhys' nails, but we didn't get any pictures of Violet's nails getting done, just Rhys!

To ensure Rhys couldn't run around like a crazy baby, we strapped her into her hair chair so she could stay there until it dried.  I put flowers on her nails then painted over it with a clear nail polish:

Here's Rhys and I...and Violet's finger.  I love how Rhys poses.  I think it's so cute.

Here's the finished products!

Violet's hands with pink nail polish and flowers, then clear nail polish:

Emma didn't want any colored nail polish, just the flowers with clear nail polish on top.  Here's her beautiful hands:

And this is where you can pretend Rhys' hands are.  She wasn't really interested in holding her hands out, and she very quickly picked all the flowers off.

After we were done, and after the kids cleared off the table and emptied the dishwasher (so that I could clean the mess of a kitchen behind me that seems to get messy in the blink of an eye!).  Then we all had tootsie pops, which I'm not sure they've all had them before (we don't do candy a lot), which made it all the more fun to have a little unexpected treat.  I gave the baby some tiny tastes of mine, but she didn't get much. She enjoyed it, though!

And, that, my dears, is how our day went today.  At least for part of it.

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  1. I wish I could be home schooled at your house:) Super fun!!!