Monday, October 15, 2012

my goal

I have a new goal:
To take a picture of myself with my kids and hubby, at least once a week. I might be wearing my pjs and might look like a slob, but I'm going to stop caring about that and just get the pictures taken.

In case that seems weird, here's my reasoning:

Each time I hear about a mom dying, especially one with young children (this just happened a couple days ago), a lot of things pass through my mind.  One of them is whether or not I've left enough pictures of myself for my husband's and kids' sake, should the same thing ever happen to me.  Do they have photos of me doing things with them?  Visual proof that I held them and loved them?

Currently, the answer is no.  I'm behind the camera 99.9% of the time, and for whatever reason, Tyler doesn't think of taking photos more (though, I will be asking more often!).  Plus, I go through phases where I don't like how I look (whether it's me not being ready for the day or me having just had a baby and feeling a little flabby), and I don't want photos taken of me.  So, we're left with a million photos of everyone except for me.

And, this is really common!  So many women I know hate photos of themselves and refuse to be in any.  Plus, they are usually the ones behind the camera.  But, it's not fair to our kids, is it - to not include photos of both of their parents for them to remember?!  I don't think so.  Even if I don't die, I want them to be able to look back and see with their EYEBALLS that I actually really was there in their lives...regardless of how I look.

I think all of you ladies (and gents, who aren't in photos) should consider making sure you're in more of them....and consider making a goal for yourself too, if you can't get it done without doing that!  Even if you don't want to show the photos to anyone, at least take them so they are there for any future needs.  :)

So, with that in mind, here's my first offering.  I won't always post them here, especially if I'm dressed like a slob.  I took these the day I found out that sweet momma died, leaving her young boys without her.

Rhys was playing on the iPad.  Like how she put her headband on?

The lighting was pretty awful over here.  I caught TS while he was playing his video game:

Do I have any photos with just the two of us?!  I love this one with my Emma:

This one was outside of church:

And, somehow I didn't get one with Violet!!  Guess I should make sure not to do that again.

Okay, mommas, I don't care if you have not showered, hair's not done, feel like you're being vain for wanting to be in pics with yours kids, if you feel to fat, or whatever other reason - just do it!  Your kids love YOU just the way you are.  Be sure you have yourself in lots of pics with them.  They'll love it for the memories, even if you stick around for forever. :)  And your hubby too!

Speaking of which, here are some of my hotty husband with Ella:

Now go get your camera, and go take pictures of you with your children.  And do it often.

I need to go take some with Violet and update this entry...

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  1. Oh made me cry. I read this yesterday and thought, "You know, she is right" so I just read it again and now you made me cry... I had recognized that there were so many fewer pictures of me and me with my family but never thought of it like that. I just know you are right. Thank you.