Tuesday, October 16, 2012

with violet

Okay, so I think it's a really bad idea to not take pics with all of them...or at least not leave only one out (though, in my defense, I had tried taking a pic with Violet the other day, but it ended up not working out).  Anyway, so I figure she deserves her own entry.

She made many different faces through it.  I didn't catch her in any weird poses she wasn't doing on purpose.    I, on the other hand, almost look the same in each photo because that's just how it happened.

And, I didn't realize how our eyes are sort of similar in color.  Mine are green, and hers are blue, but - at least in these photos - they look kind of similar colored.

I think her little face looks so adorable in this one.  Sometimes she reminds me of a little doll (oh, and she is wearing some lipstick because she really, really, really wanted some).

She looks super cute here too.  And, I shouldn't have wore my pajama t-shirt.

Yeah, she was being a weirdo.

She's a little character, this little pickle!

We love her!!

Okay, so there you go Violet.  If I croak tonight, we have some pics together.

I suppose I should live my life with that outlook.  It could get a little stressful.  :)  At least they'll be fun for the future.

(And I need to figure out a better way to take the pics.  My arm was about to fall off holding the camera up.)

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  1. I don't know where she would have ever gotten that wacky personality! lol You girls look so pretty together and you are absolutely right about your eyes! Have a good one!