Friday, October 5, 2012

our BOY

I love this photo of TS.  It took about five photos before the wind and the curtains cooperated to make the perfect little opening to show him watching out the window.  I thought it was so sweet.  The lighting in the photo is straight out of the camera.  There room was dim, and it ended up looking almost like I burned the edges of the photo, but I didn't.  I find it a very peaceful photo...and I loooove it when we can have the windows open and a nice breeze blowing through the curtains.

When I see photos of TS like this, I often think about the fact that he's one boy in a group of four sisters and what an interesting little life he lives.  He's definitely a very "boy" boy, and his sisters are very girlie for the most part (though they do like playing his games too, thank goodness!).  He loves to be rough and beat his sisters up (not to be mean), but is also very gentle and kind to them when needed.  (He can also be very whiny, but that's not my point here...hehe.)

Here's an example of his little heart:

Violet had a cup out on the counter top that I accidentally put in the sink while cleaning, not knowing it was her cup (since it wasn't put in her designated spot).  It was her favorite cup, and she got really upset and said, "Now it's all ugly!" because it had some food stuck on it.

TS was at the kitchen table, and all he heard was "all ugly!" and he thought that she said she thought she was ugly.  So, he stopped whatever he was doing, and in the sweetest, most caring voice, he said, "Violet, you are the prettiest!"

Then he paused for a second, and I could tell he was thinking deeply about something...while I was simultaneously thinking what a sweet brother he was to reach out when he thinks his sister is feeling bad about herself and help encourage her to feel better.

Then he added, "Except for Emma."  (So, "Violet, you are the prettiest..." pause "except for Emma.")

Another pause.

"...who is prettier..." (referring to Emma)

Another pause.

"...who I love the most..." (still referring to Emma)

Another pause, as he drifting off into other things.

"...who is my favorite."  (you got it - Emma)

By then I'm thinking, stop talking!!  Any help that you were, initially, is ALL GONE.

But it was so funny.  I was trying to not burst out laughing hysterically (and I might have totally failed, I can't remember).  He took a moment where Violet was feeling upset, offered her words of comfort (random words, since she was upset about her cup, not her looks)..and then he ripped it all out from under her.  haha.  I wouldn't be laughing if it upset Violet, but she didn't seem to care at all what he was saying.  And, he wasn't trying to be mean at all.  He was completely oblivious, just sharing his child-aged honesty.


For another little story:

We were outside playing.  It was finally not meltingly hot outside.  The kids wanted to go on a walk really badly, except Emma, who did not want to go on a walk and was done playing outside.  She was too tired and hot.  So, we had a plan.  Emma would go inside, and we would go on a quick walk.  We would be very close still, with the house in view and all (she's not old enough for me to feel comfortable going on a big walk, far away!).  When I say it's close, I would have been able to get to the house in 30 seconds.  We didn't go far at all.  Emma was thrilled with this idea.  She's beginning to really enjoy some independence, so she thought it was a fun idea.

So, we got her in the house watching a movie, and I went on a walk with the kids.  That translated to mean that all the kids wanted to ride in the wagon while I tried pulling them all, but they couldn't fit.  So, the three younger rode in the wagon while TS walked...against his will.

We were maybe 50 ft away from the house when TS got really concerned that Emma wasn't with us and was home by herself.  He has played with friends or family, without Emma, for hours at a time, and he was just fine.  I don't believe it was separation anxiety at all.  Emma has never stayed home by herself without us there, and it really threw him off.  He was really concerned she might be scared or need us and no one was there with her.  He couldn't hold it in, and he started crying.  It was obvious he needed a hug.  I gave him one, and he held me so tight and said through his tears, "I'm going to miss her so much!" and he cried so though it was going to be a couple years before we see her again.  I assured him that she wanted to stay home and that she wasn't scared.  He cried a little longer, and then the tears cleared up, and we enjoyed the rest of the five minute walk.  I should have thought to explain it better at the beginning of the walk, but I didn't anticipate what his worries would be.  It was so sweet and adorably, heart breakingly cute.

And just to ruin the story, but whenever TS says things like this, and cries over missing Emma, my heart and stomach do a flip flop, and I feel a flush of dread.  I wonder how his little heart will do, how all their precious little hearts will do, if they have to really say goodbye to her someday.  Hopefully that'll be in many, many years.  Like at least 60 of them.  And I hope our hearts can survive watching them hurt over something like that.

I have a few more photos I was going to post of him that were cute, but I must go have a date with the hubby, watching a the living room.  (like we'd really leave the house to go on a date!)

Hope you're all doing well!

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