Wednesday, October 3, 2012

the ONE yr old

Here's the Ella being cute (like she could be anything else).

As you saw in the previous post, we had her cake & ice cream the night before.

Then we had cake & ice cream the next day again:

Then time to open presents.  I took mainly video of her present opening, which is why you get one whole picture of it.

She didn't really care about the present opening part.  She did like the toys, though.

I thought she looked really cute here.  The kids had ran outside to look at something with Tyler, and Ella sat at the front door, trying to figure out how to get out there too.  She can climb our stairs (not excited about that), but she can't get up and over/down the little step.  yay!  At least she can't escape, yet.

Rhys hanging out with her:

Snuggling with daddy after getting up from a nap:

Here's Emma giving me her little sassy expression...hehe.

Okay, for the few who care, it might be another year before I actually post her birth story, but I have written most of it!  I just take a long time to finish things...

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