Sunday, January 13, 2013

catching up...Day 5 thru 11 of my 365 Project

I really like this one.  This was back when Violet was just starting to get sick and was needing to rest.  I really like black and whites lately...and the contrast of really dark to light.  


Day 6/365:  This was when the kids were in the middle of being sick, and I just didn't take many pics.  I only took seven pics this day...all looked about like this.  :)  It shows what Violets LOVES to do all the time.  Makeup!  She also likes it when I play with her hair (which clearly I hadn't in this photo).  She'd be happy if all she ever did was makeup, her hair, and dressing in beautiful princess dresses.  It's cute.


Ella likes to play in the main hallway.  At first she kept leaning against the wall here.  It was so funny watching her do it because she's never done it before, and you could tell how much fun she was having doing it.  She would standing there for a little while, walk away, then come back and lean again.  I had a hard time getting right where I wanted to be to get a good shot of her because our furniture was all right there.

DAY 7a

Then later on, she started laying down playing.  So cute!  I like how the hallway was so much darker (I did help it along afterwards, but it naturally had darkened to some extent).

DAY 7b

I love this one.  Ella fell asleep on his shoulders about an hour earlier than usual.  She was sick.  This was actually just a few hours before we left to the hospital for Emma (didn't know we were going to the hospital at this point).

Emma & TS looked so cute.  It was maybe an hour after the photo taken above.  TS was snuggling with her because she wasn't feeling well and was cold.  You can see she's not looking quite right here.  She gets a look in her eyes.  We didn't realize it yet, but her fever was starting, or had started, and she was starting to get a bit "foggy" brained and kind of out of it.  She went to bed with the kids right after this, about 2-3 hours earlier than usual.  We noticed her fever when kissing her forehead goodnight (to clarify, I wasn't kissing only her forehead goodnight.  I kissed her forehead to wish all of her goodnight...haha).  Violet is just as sweet with Emma.  I think Emma has some of the most special little siblings.  They really care a lot about each other...and yell and fight too.  haha.  I really like this photo.

I know I already posted this one earlier, but I didn't have many to choose from for this day.  She cracked me up with her crossed eyes...haha.  She looks so excited.


This is the view I had from her when I was hanging out in "my" spot (we all apparently had assigned spots).  I hadn't taken many pictures this day:


I've already posted this one, but it was my favorite from this day:


DAY TEN:  Taken right before she got dressed (and then I took the photo above after this one)

I need to get back into the swing of using my camera to take pics every day.  This one below is with my iPhone, and one of the only pics I took this day.  Emma and Violet really wanted makeup on.  They been watching makeup tutorials on youtube.  I need to watch them too to get them some fun makeup on.  hehe.  


Okay, now I'm mostly caught up...


  1. YAY! I am SO happy to hear things are better!! I have held Emma, and you and Tyler, up in prayer every night! So glad she's home!

    Hey, will you add me on FB?
    ~Krista Jensen

  2. Your beautiful daughter puts on lipstick better than I do!