Monday, January 21, 2013

More have fallen

When TS got sick, we weren't sure if it was food poisoning or an illness.  He got sick Tuesday, and by Friday, no one else was sick.  We were thinking it had to be food poisoning.  

Then Friday night arrived and Violet got sick.  She was sick all that night.  She didn't end up nearly as sick as TS, but she definitely was wiped out by it.  

Then Saturday night arrived and first Miss Ella got sick (a huge mess, too, since she'd just eaten a LOT of oatmeal).  We gave her a bath to get her cleaned up, but she threw up again before I was in a position to catch it.  So, we gave her another bath.  At this point, when we realized she was going to be hard to deal with while puking, we stripped her down to her diaper, covered the couch in towels and had lots of hand towels & wash clothes to catch further upchucks.  She would fight so much when she threw up, and it made it a challenge to keep it contained, though, we did pretty good.

A few hours into that, Rhys came out of her room crying.  Turns out she had thrown up all over her bed and stuffed animals.  So, we stripped her down and added her to our puke couch.

Here they are several hours into it, and many, many pukes later (around 5am):

They looked so cute together, despite being so sick.

If I could have chosen the order of pukes, I would have chosen to have Rhys be sick first instead of TS.  Then have Ella be sick next, instead of Violet, then have the other kids be sick together instead of the babies being sick together.  The reasoning is, it's hard to take care of two babies who have no ability to deal with it on their own!  The older ones can at least hold the bowl.

We had several times where Ella would start puking and then Rhys would follow just a couple seconds later. So, I'd catch one, and Tyler would catch the other.  It was one of those things where it was so ridiculous that it was funny.  Not funny that they felt so awful, just funny that we had synchronized puking.

The other challenge was that neither one gave much warning.  They couldn't holler our names or anything.  Rhys would pop her pacifier out and start crying, and we knew it was time.  Ella would just wake up and start.  So...that meant that I stayed awake all night to watch, otherwise it would have been a mess.  Tyler slept on the couch out near me so I could holler for him if we had puking in unison.

Then around 6am, Emma came out.  She was throwing up too.  So, I stuck her on the other couch.

I lost track of time, but somewhere in there, I got sick and Tyler did too.  It was nooooooo fun taking care of two sick babies while we were so sick too.  Luckily Emma could do a lot herself.

We were sick all day yesterday.  It's one of those days that you really wish you could fast forward.  Whenever I have the stomach flu, I'm always reminded of morning sickness.  While I've been grateful for the babies we've had, I absolutely hate morning sickness.  It's like having the stomach flu for 3-5 months (depending on baby).  I felt awful yesterday, but it still wasn't as bad as morning sickness.

Then there was the awful body aches, but a few baths helped with that.

Today we feel a lot better.  Rhys seems to still be feeling sick, but we're all slowly returning to normal.

I'm never leaving our house again.  I am so sick of being sick.  Time to boost their immune systems because I'm guessing they need it.

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  1. Those pictures awww poor sweet babies. I am hopeful you are all back to "normal" very soon. Take care!