Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 3 of 365

I promise I really won't be able to keep up with one post a day for forever.  

This first one is my official choice for today.  Mostly for memory/emotional reasons, not so much because it's a terribly great photo or anything.

Did any other ladies roll their socks when they were little girls? My sisters and I often rolled our socks down. I have lots of memories of sitting in church, rolling my socks down very carefully to make it look just right. I LOVED it. haha! 
When I went to sit at the table this morning, I did a double take when I noticed Miss Vi (4 yrs) had rolled her socks too (I never showed her). hehe. It made me giggle at the cuteness and thinking back to when I was a little girl. 

A little jailbird...when in black and white.  When in color, her shirt stripes are black and her pant stripes are red.

Okay, in my previous post, I posted our kitchen messy, after a full day of no cleaning it since it was a holiday.  I thought I should now show you what it's state often is (though not always!  with five little ones, it can be difficult to keep it caught up like I want, but it isn't often as messy as the previous photo!).  This was three loads later...and there is still a load in the sink that needs to be washed.  hehe.

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