Thursday, January 10, 2013


It's 2am, and I'm tired, so this probably won't be super long, but Emma has been admitted to the hospital since Monday night.

It all started on a dark and dreary Tuesday...actually I don't know what day it really started or what the weather was like. So my dramatic retelling will have to wait. :) Here's the downlow:

Remember that illness I told you TS had? Well, Emma got it. Monday she looked different. It worried me. She had a bad cough and no energy. That night the fever started. 103 degrees.

We called the dr, and he told us to take her to the ER so they could check her out. My niece ended up coming with me and Emma & Ella. Tyler stayed with the other three.

The testing later (lung X-rays for pneumonia, nose swab for flu) determined she had pneumonia. Her CBC showed her ANC at 900 something. They admitted her to monitor her.

Next day she had IV antibiotics (yesterday).

Then we found out the radiologist said it was NOT PNEUMONIA. Though testing was negative, he really thinks its the flu.

Her fever kept returning to 103 when the Tylenol wore off. Then this morning (Wed?), they did labs again.

Her WBC was down to 1. Her hemoglobin had dropped from 11.9 to 8.9. (That had been crazy high at 11.9 for her!). They're watching to make sure it doesn't have another big drop because that would require a blood transfusion (probably if under 7?).

The most concerning, though, is her ANC (how strong her immune system is) was at 200. To give reference, normal is over 2500. Safe is over 1000. Unsafe begins under 1000. It starts entering pretty dangerous-we-should-consider-screaming at 500. And then super-dangerous-we-all-should-start-screaming-and-yelling-and-running-with our-arms-in-the-air at 200 or below. That's considered the most severe range, which is where Emma's ANC was.

That was a bit of a surprise, though I wasn't surprised at the same time.

With her being so sick and having almost no immune fighting ability, he suggested GCSF, which stimulates bone marrow to make white blood cells. The hope is that this coming morning, she'll have much higher WBC & ANC and be able to go home with them knowing she'll be okay.

Her fever went away throughout the day. For a while it was low. Then it was almost completely gone. Now it's totally normal...last I heard. I was asleep last time they checked.

Ella has been super sick too. In order to get her checked out, I almost took her to the ER here. But after noon, she seemed to take a noticeable turn for the better. Then two girls at home are pretty sick. TS is on the mend.

Crazy illness!

So, that's what's been going on. We're a bit tired. Kyr has been with me most of the time. She's been incredibly entertaining and soooo helpful. It's been so fun having help!

I'll update when I can.

Over and out.


  1. Teresa, my thoughts and prayers are with you, Tyler and your precious children. I am so glad to read that you are all on the road back to health. I know Emma's road is a longer, harder one, and I'll continue to pray for her everyday. What a precious girl! That photo of her sticking out her tongue... She's got spunk, huh? ;)

  2. I've been praying since I read on FB about her being in the hospital. I'm glad Kyrie is there with you. Hang in there. Hugs!