Wednesday, January 2, 2013

day 2 of 365

This is my official choice for day 2/365:

Some others:

Ella was fussy, so I barely got to try to take pics of her like this, but she looked so funny.  Violet was pulling her around everywhere in this little wagon, and they both loved it.  TS decided to take a turn too.  The photo doesn't show it really well, but her little feet looked so funny!

And, lastly...

Proof that my house is not always spotless.  For New Year's, I decided to take a break from the kitchen...just for one day.  This was the result.  You can't tell very well, but the sink is full of one load of dishes (it's a deep, big sink), then the rest of the dishes are another 1-2 loads.  I almost got the kitchen caught up today, until I decided to clean out the fridge.  Hopefully tomorrow, and 2-3 more loads, we'll be all caught up!  It was nice to have a break, though...for both of us.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE the huggy photos.SO precious! And the one of Elle in the wagon is too cute! She looks quite content!
    The ones of her in the window sill are just beautiful. I love your way of watermarking/captioning the photos.
    And you are SO brave! NO one will ever see my kitchen! LOL!
    Keep up the great work on the Photo-a-Day! I'm trying it too, but I don't try to keep up a blog anymore. I was horrible at that! And my photog skills are NOTHING I comparison to yours! lol
    ~Krista J.