Tuesday, April 2, 2013

dinner talk

The other night, TS (age 6) was saying prayer over our food, and the only thing he asked for was, "Please bless the food to taste good this time."


Then last tonight, Tyler was about 4-5 hours late home from work. That never happens for so many hours without earlier notice, so the kids thought it was very strange. 

At dinner, we were talking about it, and TS said, "Maybe Dad died on his way home."

We knew that wasn't the case, since he texted and said he was still at the hospital (where he works).

I said, "What would we do if that did ever happen?" I was thinking I'd need to get a paid job and lots of things would change. I was curious what they thought.

TS said very seriously, "We would pray a lot..."

While Emma simultaneously said, "We'd put him in the garden."

I'm pretty sure birds stopped tweeting, and we heard a record scratch somewhere, and TS and I are like, "WHAT?! In the garden?!"

We don't even have a garden.

But at least now I know what they are planning to do if that ever happened. Guess we'll be getting a garden to plop his body in! Maybe we just plant pretty flowers around him?

I did find out later that Emma meant a cemetery. Due to her hearing impairments, sometimes her vocabulary gets a little mixed up.

Then there was another brief, slightly heated conversation between the two of them, where Emma said we'd put flowers on his grave, while TS gasped in disbelief that anyone would put something so girlie onto a guy's grave.


Moral of the story: Tyler don't work late. The kids get really weird...and don't be worried if you notice we're planting a garden.

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