Monday, April 1, 2013

Our Easter

We had a fabulous, well planned Easter this year!  That's code for "Oh, what?  Easter's here?"  We actually managed to get eggs a couple days in advance.  Usually I forget until the last minute because I'm in a time warp and time flies by without me noticing.

Enough of my jibber jabber.  Let's move along and show you the photos!

Here are the Easter baskets.  I mean "Easter" baskets, as not all of them are actually Easter baskets.  What's that you say?  Are those Halloween baskets?  Yes.  Why yes, they are.  That's what happens when you have babies faster than you can buy Easter baskets (especially if it takes you three years to buy a new Easter basket).  You resort to using your Halloween ones.

Since it had been storming outside, we chose to do our Easter Egg Hunt in the house.  We had the kids dress up like "Guys, don't walk around naked.  Make sure you have some type of clothing on because I'd really prefer to not have to use censor bars in the photos." (Totally a joke, as my kids don't usually walk around in their bday suit.)

I used to buy them cute little Easter outfits, but that didn't happen this year for several reasons.

The kids hung out in one of the bedrooms while Tyler hid all the eggs.  Then this (photo below) is right when they picked up their baskets off the floor there and were starting the hunt.  Ella really had no idea what she was doing.  Rhys took a second to figure it out and then was completely thrilled by it.

The kids took off all directions.  Emma stopped to help teach Ella how to put eggs in her basket.

She got the hang of it and liked it quite a lot!

Meanwhile, Rhys had gotten this thing down and was more than thrilled by it.  She was squealing and screaming over and over in excitement.  It was soooooo cute.

The babies were working as a team to pick the eggs up off the stairs.  We had a rule that all the eggs on the floor/stairs, the older kids needed to leave for the two little girls.  That way there were some left for them.

In case it's not already obvious...I didn't get the best pics!  They were all running around so fast, it was hard to catch anything that looked especially great.  But, who cares!  I still love the pics.  :)

Anyway, that was our Easter Egg Hunt.  I'm too tired to edit the photos and balance the lighting better, so pretend like I did.  I'm falling asleep, so time for bed.  Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, or whatever holiday you might celebrate this time of year!


  1. I love those pictures!! It would have been fun to watch them do it, too.

  2. The pink jack'o'lantern buckets make for a great Easter atmosphere!