Saturday, April 6, 2013

For Emma's transplant

We found out that after Emma had her HLA typing redone, she went from having over 30 potential matches to only having 5.  I'm glad they didn't tell me or else I think I would have died from stress.  They've tested three of the five so far.  Two of them are 9/10 matches, and none of them are 10/10 matches thus far.  If neither of the other two end up being a 10/10, we're told from FA friends that 9/10 is almost like having 10/10.  We'll chat with the doctor about it if that's our best option just to understand if there are more risks associated and what they would be.  We'll be waiting to hear back about the other two and then will move along and transplant when we need to.

Speaking of transplant...

A friend nominated Emma for a "Little Hero" package at a place called Gamerosity that helps sick kids by sending them an iPad Mini and other fun stuff.  What they do is set up a page for the sick child, and then people can donate.  Once Gamerosity has enough money, they put together the package and send it to the sick kids.  They do this to try to help provide some enjoyment during the miserable, long hospital stays.

Emma was just added onto their "Heros" page, which allows people who want to help to be able to donate to the cause.  Since this afternoon, we've had just under $400 in donations (thank you, whoever you all are!).

If any of you were interested in donating (we'd appreciate it so much!), here's the link:

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  1. I am just seeing this... what an AWESOME program!!! We have a family friend's son that was just diagnosed... I will have to see about doing this for him!