Tuesday, August 28, 2012

my sister & brother (in-law)

My "little" sister came to visit a few weeks ago.  I think it was back when Emma turned 8 years old that we last saw each other. Emma will be 10 in October (not really, she's obviously only going to be turning four.  Okay, not really, but she can't be turning 10!  Where is the time going?!!), so it's been a couple years

I made sure to take some photos throughout their stay, much to Torin's dismay or horror.  You choose which.

*insert evil laughter here*

Here they are (hey, Ani, you made the face.  It's not my fault that I was then forced to post this photo on my blog for millions and millions of left handed people to read it).  In case you're confused, the black man is not my sister.  That's my bro-in-law, Torin.  It's the blindingly white person in the background (the one who looks insane).  Yep, that's my baby sister.

We had tricked Torin into holding the baby.  He pretended to not like it when the camera was out, but we know he did.  He would even willingly play with her, and she used her super cute baby powers to bend him to her will.  Shoot.  We totally did not take advantage of her power.  Maybe next time.

The stare down.  They didn't really have a stare down.  It just looks like it.

And, here is Ella on Ani's shoulders.  It was kinda funny.  It gave her really good access to her hair.  Ella couldn't decide if she was happy or sad.  So, she was a mix.

It was so cute!  Good luck getting her down with all your hair intact because I don't think I helped.  Sometimes I like to observe people in precarious positions try and save themselves while I take photos with my camera.

Thought this was funny:

Torin got to experience the joy of trying to work on the computer with a baby nearby.  I don't think he was actually trying to do anything on the computer, but it was funny.  It was always cute watching him with the baby.

They stayed with us for a week.  We had a special code word for them to use in case the kids were getting too overwhelming for them or they wanted a little break (it can be hard when you're not used to lots of little kids to suddenly be around them 24/7).  The word was "pineapple".  At first I would ask Torin if he wanted any pineapple to see if I should move the kids back.  They loved Ani and Torin.  Sometimes he did want pineapples and sometimes he didn't.  As the days progressed, he would randomly ask for pineapples when he needed some down time.  haha.  It actually worked really good!  He didn't ask for pineapples nearly as much as I thought he would.

Another sister, and her daughter, came over some.  It was really fun.  Here's Ella putting on the charm.  She's so cute.  It kills me.  And, her little outfit is too cute!  (thank you, you-know-who!)

This photo made me laugh.  Lovely expressions for both girls:

Another great face from Ella.  Did you die from her cuteness too?  Sorry, I should have posted a warning before posting these.  She's cuter in real life.

Crazy, beautiful sister...not sure what TS is doing!

I'm pretty sure she's trying to be that scary aunt that says, "Here give me a kiss!" with slobbery lips.

Searching for signs of a brain:

Pretending to be thinking:

This one made me laugh.  Especially love Torin's face.  It doesn't even look like him.

And, this one is really sweet...and, of course, slightly blurry.  I really like it.

They are both really racist people.  Okay, not really, but they always call each other racist names.  I'm not sure if I can join in or not, so mostly I just look frightened.

It was a really fun visit, and it went by way too fast, and I took way too long to actually post this blog entry (I wrote it the day after they left!).

Here's a video Torin has made of some of his skills:

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