Monday, August 27, 2012

sleeping rhys

You know how I mentioned Rhys likes to climb out of her crib?  It makes nap time and night time rather challenging with her.  I decided to put up a baby gate for her nap to see what she would do if she can't leave the room.  She was actually weirdly excited when I left.  She climbed out and wondered around (I spied on her a little bit).  I was gone for a few minutes and then peeked back in to find that she had fallen asleep on the rocking chair.  It was so cute.  

Violet came in to spy on her too.

Her head kept falling to the side, then straightening back up, the falling to the other side, then straightening back up, then falling to the other side, etc...  It was funny to watch.

I wanted into the kitchen to make lunch and found Violet hanging out in a toy bucket, watching a movie on my ipad.

And, here's Emma watching a movie.  hehe.

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