Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the Middle Girls...

Here are some more photos.  I'm still focused on learning more about natural lighting.  Violet was more than happy to model for me.  Rhys had fun jumping in randomly.  I'll start with her first...

For those who have asked, this is Rhys' natural eye color.  It's also very similar to Violet's natural color.  Ella's eyes are a bit brighter blue.

 Above:  I did mess with her eyes a little here...because I can't help it.

Then some of Violet.  She's wearing a shirt of mine.  I'm pretty sure she had it on backwards too.  She actually has a pretty good sense of style for a four year old.  I look forward to the day that she takes me clothes shopping.

She did her posing herself.  All I did was encourage her to look towards me.  I have several, but these were my favorites (she's so fun to take pics of because she enjoys it and is quite photogenic).

When I showed Tyler these photos, his response was "And this is why I have a shotgun."  He gets a little stressed thinking about his girls growing up...and boys...and his four daughters...

She loves to be goofy!

Then she got not so happy.  Rhys started coming over and getting in her space too much.  It made for cute pouty picture, though!

Sometimes I want to eat her because she's so cute.  Apparently I want to eat all my kids.  She has such an adorable way of talking too.  She cracks me up.

And, then Rhys tried combing Violet's hair a couple times.  Wasn't so fun for her!

Now time to go watch a show with the hubby...

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  1. I had nearly the same thought as tyler - well not the shotgun part. More like "eek! She looks like she's 13 going on 17!". You better watch out!