Saturday, August 25, 2012


This past week has been one of those crazy weeks.  Rhys has learned how to climb out of her crib.  That translates to meaning that we will all be sleeping peacefully - okay, I'm joking, that usually means I just barely have gotten Ella back to sleep after trying for like two hours because she's teething, or mutating into some type of creature with horns, causing her to toss and turn and cry unless I'm holding her.  In which case, even when I'm holding her, she'll still toss and turn and cry, only now she can pull on my nose and smack me in the face unintentionally while she flails, but somehow she sleeps better...while I'm sleeping worse, but feeling like I'm actively doing something helpful.  (Ella doesn't always sleep like this.)

So, as I'm laying down to close my eyes after finally getting Ella to sleep, I hear the bedroom door bang open and this psychotic two year old comes running into our room with the BIGGEST smile on her face, while she giggles her crazy-psycho-two-year-old laugh.  Yes, Mom!  I figured out how to climb out of my bed and come visit you at night!! is no doubt what she is thinking.

I feel a mixture of emotion.  I'm sort of weirdly happy to see her.  I miss her when she's gone all night long.  Then, I look at the clock, see that it's 2am and that I've yet to get any sleep.  Then I see that the toddler is now climbing the barricade bed railing on my side of the bed (to keep small children from falling off my bed).  Rhys has been our only one that wouldn't/couldn't cosleep for some reason.  I have actually quite missed it!  She's so snuggly and sweet and so part of me thinks that maybe she'll actually come fall asleep by me.  Then wouldn't that be nice.  We could all go to sleep peacefully instead of trying to figure out how to keep her in her crib.

So, an hour later, after she's obviously made huge strides her preparation for world domination, which is obviously what she must be doing as she tosses and turns and squeals and lays there WIDE awake thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking (or whatever she does in her little brain)...we decide we should give up on the co-sleeping thing (it really is so much easier when it works, though!) and put her back to bed.

One of us lays her in her crib and then stays in there to make sure she stays in her crib and goes to sleep (and because we can't just leave her in there to scream and cry!).

By this time it's about 5am, and I'm finally going to sleep for the night.

After a few nights like that, we started putting her right back to bed instead of trying to get her to just lay by us, and it still takes her about two hours to go to sleep.  What's up with that?!!  Rhys is actually a pretty good sleeper overall, but when she's not, she really is not.

Soooooo...for some reason, I have been a bit grumpy and impatient this week.  I usually can handle bad sleep pretty good.  But when we're down to 2-4 hours of interrupted sleep at night, I don't do so hot.  I started going to bed immediately after they did at night and was able to manage about six hours of very interrupted sleep.

So, I'm sorry children for being incredibly impatient and grouchy!  I promise I love you!  Hopefully this week will go better.

In trying to figure out what to do to keep Rhys in her crib, some people suggested switching it to a toddler bed.  So we did.

I think that lasted for about a day, and then we switched it back to a crib because it was nearly impossible to keep her on her bed without sitting on her.  Maybe she's defective for it not working?  I don't know.

And, I do tease a lot about Rhys, but I absolutely love this little girl.  I do think she's insane, but really, what two year old isn't (though, she's a bit nuttier than our other two year olds have been...probably because I have Ella to take care of too so she gets to get into more things easier).  She definitely keeps me on my toes.


I have started venturing out and taking pictures of other people for free.  I'll probably always do it for free.  I briefly thought I would want to do it professionally one day (in many years), but I'm not sure I will.  Maybe I'll change my mind, but I would like to learn & get skilled enough to be at pro level because I think that would be neat-o.

Anyway, here's a few of my favorites.

I took these a little less than a month ago, and I've since learned a bit more about exposure.

These ones I took just a couple days ago of my old neighbor and her daughter (not that my neighbor is old!).

And, I want a new lens.  If only they didn't cost so much!

I like Clickin' Moms.  There is so much info there to teach about photography.  I've seen one guy on there too, so it's not just for women.  hehe.  But, if you're into photography, it's an awesome site.

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