Saturday, August 18, 2012

the hubby & light metering

Usually Tyler isn't a big fan of me taking pictures of him.  More like he's not a fan of making normal expressions when I'm trying to take pictures of him.  But this afternoon he was a surprisingly willing subject (and I'm so glad!).

I've finally discovered the light meter on the camera (am I a dork for not knowing this until now?), and I've brain wrinkled on how to meter things to help get the correct exposure.  I practiced some on Tyler while he was watching TV.  I metered off of his skin, setting it at just over +1, I think it was. Here's my favorite one.  I warmed it up just barely, but that's all.  (I would like to get it figured out well enough that I don't need to edit things unless I want to for fun).

(I'm going to start including photo info because I joined a site that has a ton of photograhy info, and some of the ladies have dropped by over here, curious of the photo info, so I'll try to remember to include it.)

I think he's so handsome...and I love his blue eyes.  I love it when he looks at me like this.  And, I love that he's ALLLLL MINE!!
(50mm: ISO 3200, f/2.8, 1/320 sec, no flash)

There's a few other poses of him making his crazy faces, but I'm in a hurry because it's apparently date night and we're going to watch a movie together in the living room (we are pretty creative with our dates, what can I say.)

But before I go, here's a few more:

It stormed tonight.  I know it's a really dark photo, but it was dark like this.  They were all perched up at the windows watching out at the sky.  Only I caught them right as they were all getting ready to get down (so I didn't get more than one or two like this).  I like that they are almost silhouetted   I metered off of the sky.
(50mm: ISO 400, f/2.0, 1/250 sec, no flash...obviously)

Here's one with Violet. She's wearing a headband, only she didn't put it under her hair in the back.  haha!
(ISO 500, f/2.0, 1/250 sec)

I know I have lots to learn with it, but knowing how to meter has made a lot more things make sense with figuring out exposure and lighting.  Like this.  I hadn't ever known how to silhouette (though I know she's not fully silhouetted, I did take some others that were).

I've also learn the Kelvin white balance thing...and just learned about the back button focusing, which I think will help me get focused photos easier.  It's been so fun to suddenly learn some new things that will hopefully improve my photos a lot more.

Anyway, time to go watch a movie with the Tyler!

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