Sunday, August 26, 2012

things they say that make me laugh

I'm finding I absolutely looooooove natural lighting.  I think there's something deeper and more emotional about it (at least most of the time).  Here is one of Ella from today.  She loves to look out our back windows.  She looks sooo tiny too.  I usually use my 50mm f/1.8  lens, but I've decided to try out my 18-55mm kit lens a little more.  It's a wide angle so it lets me get more of the scenery in one shot, which I love, but it doesn't have very much bokeh and doesn't handle low light as well as the 50mm, which is why I rarely use it!  But after playing in photoshop with it a little bit, I thought it was sweet.

Here are some funnies from the past month or two:

Conversation I had with TS, my five year old:

TS:  "Emma hurt my bun."
ME:  "Your bun?"
TS:  "Yes.  My left one."

Bun = buttock (not buttocks)


As I was walking by the bathroom door, I heard this conversation between Vi & TS:  

VIOLET:  (very frustrated) "Mom & Dad told you not to say that word!"

ME: (stopping to check)  "What word?"

VIOLET: (very annoyed) "Poop! He said 'poop', Mom!"

TS: (who is currently sitting on the potty, peeks his head around so I can see him) "Mom, I told her I had to go poop."

Violet looks at me like, see?!!  She couldn't believe he had said it again.  Clearly he's just insane.  I didn't bother to explain to her that he can say it then, he just can't go around using poop as every other word, because I'm not sure she'd get it.


Ella pretty much always ends up sleeping with me in bed.  She sometimes wakes me up with kisses.  Though she wakes me up much faster when she starts sucking on my nose.


The kids are still working on their name calling abilities.  Here are some examples:

Violet was upset at Rhys for helping her wipe down the table when she didn't want any help.  She venomously said, "You're a rock, Rhys!"  As though that was some type of insult.

Emma regularly calls people "crooks" when they irritate her.


I was getting breakfast ready one morning, and TS was sitting at the table.  He sweetly asks me, "Mom, can I call you a germ?"


I had made the kids some food, and this was the following conversation:

TS: "Mom, this is disgusting."

Vi: "Don't say gisgusing!  It makes me taste gisgusing things!"

TS: "Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting..."

Vi: "Don't say gisgusing!!" while she is very upset & worried that her food is now going to be gross to her.

TS: "Disgusting, disgusting, disgusting..."

Vi: plugs her ears and closes her eyes while I got him to stop.

ahhh...the days when we all could argue like that as little kids (okay, I might still argue that way for fun).  I reassured her that only TS's food was disgusting and that I made hers different and yummy, which was actually true.  I had put peanut butter in hers, and since he's allergic, he didn't get any (and his food really probably was disgusting).


Vi:  "Rhys, you look GROSS."

Gotta love the sisterly love.


(Warning: this next section has a mild cuss word.  I'm not sure why I'm warning any of you, but I am!  Maybe in case you're having your five year old read our blog...)

Emma and I were giving Ella a bath.  We heard a really loud bang, and Emma yelled, "What the hell was that?!"

Then another time (today, actually), the kids were running to go outside for the five minutes that it's not a million degrees outside, and they can actually play out there.  TS reached up and unlocks the door, and Violet yells, "What the hell?! When did you learn how to do that?"

I cannot stop laughing hysterically when they slip out cuss words.  We honestly have never cussed in front of them or around each other.  We just don't do that in our house, not even with the simple cuss words.  So, it always surprises me and sounds so funny when they do it.

That's all of those for now...

Oh, and I've finally decided to try to get back to my normal weight.  I just haven't felt like doing it until now.  I'm using the "my fitness pal" app, and it's very handy!  I've lost 4.2 lbs in three weeks, and I've lost three inches from my waist.  Yay!  

Ever since I got prego with Rhys, close to three years ago, I haven't lost the baby weight (of course, I've been pregnant twice during that time).  Luckily it's only about 15 lbs, but still, it will be nice to feel back to normal.  If you haven't used the "my fitness pal" app (it's also a website), you should try it out.  It's nice!  And, if you have belly fat you want to get rid of, there are foods that go to the belly and pack on the weight there.  Avoid those foods, and you do lose belly fat.  I've been following the "Abs Diet" recommendations (as well as my sister's recommendations), and I really think that's why I've already lost three inches from my waist.  

I'll stop rambling now!

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