Saturday, August 18, 2012

the boy...again

The past week or so I've been reading a bit more about photography stuff than I usually do.  Since I can't really hang out on the computer all day long, I find other things to do, such a stalk the children with the camera and try these things out (yes, if you've emailed me, I really am planning on emailing back.  I just try to stay off the computer during the day...).

I know these aren't perfect with the focus a little off, but he looked too cute.  So, I have to share.  I don't usually take photos outdoors, and when I do, I am not used to using manual mode (it's typically the middle of the day when it's so bright and I can't see the screen, so I use Av mode).  I really wanted to try manual, though, so he was my little model.

I need to remember to do his hair before I take pics...

EDITED TO ADD:  I think there might be something wrong with my lens because my focal point was on his face, not the wall.  But it looks like it's on the wall.  Lately I've been having a hard time getting it to do what I'm asking it to do.  Frustrating!!  I thought it was me, but now I'm thinking it's the lens.  I was just reading about other people having similar issues.

It kind of seems like he should be holding something more than a tiny piece of grass in his hand, but he's not!  I still liked it.

He was cute on the...whatever this thing is called.  He enjoyed listening to the wind chimes on our neighbors house.  He was fun to take pics of.  And, it worked just fine to use manual.  I think he's such a cute kid.

Now I need to learn how to meter properly, get the white balance correct, and something else.  But I can't remember what it was because I need to go to bed!  So, good night!

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