Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the boy

Recently TS has been asking to have his picture taken when I have the camera out.  It's been nice!  For the past several years, he's usually keeping his face turned away or else he's making a crazy expression.

I'm also trying to get better at taking photos with no flash, using natural light.  I know I need to learn to edit a little better too, which I am a mom-with-five-kids-who-doesn't-remember-to-shower-and-certainly-doesn't-have-the-time-she-needs-to-learn-as-much-as-she-would-like-to-as-fast-as-she-would-like-to-with-photography-but-that's-okay-because-she-loves-being-a-mom.  Okay, I lost track of why I was typing like that...or if it even makes sense anymore.  (Assuming it ever did make sense.)  But these are barely edited.  I know warmer tones are usually nicer than cooler, but they kept looking weird, so I left it because it looks better!

So, here's TS.  He did the posing all by himself.  He sat in front of me and kept changing positions.  haha.  He was actually really awesome to take pics of because he actually did a very good job posing himself.  He cracked me up some of the time too.

This is my favorite one.  Why couldn't it have actually focused?!  My lens was being a little weird.  I think maybe it had a hard time with the aperture and the focus dot I was choosing.  It would focus better when I used different focal points than others.  It struggled with this one.  (I realize most of you don't care about all that detail, but just in case you do, and just in case you know why, I'm curious why it might be having a hard time focusing when I choose different focus points).

He's pretty being cool here...

He could only hold back the crazies for so long before they burst out:

Now back to posing:

I think he's so cute.  He has such squishy kissable cheeks.  I know his hair often looks like he's from the 90's, but he's a bit anti-hair cuts these days.  He said he'll want a haircut once his hair is long like a girl.  Then he'll be okay cutting it so that he looks like a boy again.  I'm hoping to cut it much sooner than that.

Even he can't help but squish his cheeks:

He would randomly move really close...

And, lastly, here is the classic teeth posing shot (doesn't everyone do this?):

I have a few more of the other kids, but I'll post those later.

Oh, but I do have a couple of Ella.  These were right after she woke up:

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